Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Evening of Learning, Celebration and Dialogue

Last night was totally amazing…invigorating…exciting…I could go on, but I’d need a dictionary. Bravo. Ira and I are totally energized. Our guests were blown away with the awesomeness of the evening. Thanks to all. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Shabbat Shalom,
- Iris Marreck

Friday was one of those days where things kept coming up at work and home, yet my goal for the  day was to somehow make it by 6:30pm to Beth Emet because I had an idea it might be a special night. I did make it and the service was not only special, but mind-blowingly great. All sorts of emotions at the same time – I felt proud, humble, fortunate, inspired….Two days later I’m still processing everything, but while I continue to do so I didn’t want the moment to pass without saying thank you for your role in making it happen.

- Stopher Bartol

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